Basic yet important guide to landing page design and how it works

Here, let me start with the conclusion first. In a nutshell of digital marketing and conversions, the Sales and Marketing Campaigns should exclusively use marketing landing pages!

Martin N. Gregersen

27 December, 2019

Whenever any business comes online and builds their website, do they immediately start earning money? No! It is difficult to even rank on low-competition, low-search volume keywords to the top of SERPs. So most of the online businesses target more than 3-4 long-tail keywords and try to rank on different web pages for those keywords. With more web pages, do they earn business? Again, NO! Writing content, designing a web page and publishing it on a website is just a baby step in this crowded search engine world. There’s much more into it. So what, keep adding more and more website pages in the forms of blogs, case studies, portfolios, and sub-service segments? Here, we can say that all these are advisable to showcase your business’ skills and past work samples. But, when it comes to winning the unknown website visitor in his first few website visits, what all you need is to design a landing page – period!

Landing pages are web pages built to drive traffic for a specific marketing campaign goal like increase subscribers, book more appointments, boost sales, collect email IDs, etc.. They need not be present in navigation and they may not be available for search engine crawls since they have no competition to rank for keywords and top SERPs.

Why design a landing page when you already have multiple service pages?

A landing page is not the same as a service page.

All landing pages can be service pages but not all service pages can be landing pages. Both have a varied set of purposes.

Service pages are created to make the website more SEO-friendly. Whereas, landing pages are designed to capture information about visitors in exchange for their desired offers.

All landing pages can be service pages but not all service pages can be landing pages. Both have a varied set of purposes.

Example: If you are searching online for travel destination deals and discounts. You visit some website and fill the form to check the availability of the travel guide on a particular date for the particular venue. This is nothing else but a landing page. You somehow landed upon that web page and shared your information. This is what a landing page does for any kind of business, be it a service industry or a manufacturing industry.

Before you ask your web designer to design a landing page, first of all, you should know why you need a landing page. The activity without any knowledge can never serve its purpose. So just for the sake of designing, you cannot design a landing page that converts.

What is a Landing page?

Unlike all other website pages, a landing page is also a webpage. They are often known as lead capturing pages by digital marketers. The distinct feature is it provides additional information after a prospect clicks on a smaller embedded advertisement on another webpage or social media. These lead capture pages provide information directly related to the advertisement selected by the viewer.

Example: You are surfing your Facebook Feed and an advertisement for the best nearby restaurants pops-up. Looking at the image of restaurant ambiance or a dish, you click on it and it redirects you to a particular web page on your browser. This web page is called a landing page. That advertisement has done its job and took the viewer to the desired destination.

What purpose does it serve?

The wholesome purpose of an aesthetically pleasing landing page is to target your audience. However, landing pages can be used for a number of digital marketing purposes. These are attractive marketing tools owing to their effectiveness. And, the effectiveness of marketing landing page is determined and measured on the basis of a number of clicks the advertisement receives that leads to the respective landing page.

An effective landing page design not only boosts your visitors’ interest but also provides feedback regarding a particular company’s offerings. Long story short, its main job is to attempt to attract users online and turn them into prospects.

Example: We all know ad copies must be relevant to and in line with landing page headlines. Imagine your advertisement related to “Invest in Residential Property” is not getting enough clicks. Here, you not only need to tailor the ad copy but also your landing page headings. You may think of replacing your Ad copy and Landing page headline with any of the solutions to your target audience’s pain points. Your ad copy may say “Is Buying real estate a good investment?” For sure, clicks will increase than earlier in this case.

What is the focus of a well-designed landing page?

The landing page should focus on the solutions to your customer’s pain points but in an eye-pleasing way. A well-designed landing page sets a benchmark in the world of UI/UX. Yes, it can prove that effective design can sell any complex product with ease. A landing page design must focus on headlines, call-to-actions, images, and a contact form. It’s absolutely essential that your unique value proposition is clear and convincing.

Example: You are promoting a dental treatment Invisalign. Rather than saying ‘Get replaced your uneven teeth” with an ugly image of teeth and gums, your copy should say “Better smiles with transparent braces” with an image of the dentist and smiling patients that anyone can relate with. Here, you are highlighting the unique value proposition as well as not hurting sentiments of your target audience.

What success is guaranteed with having a landing page?

The success rate of landing page design conversions depends upon the joint efforts of your smart content, design, and marketing team. But, success is guaranteed for sure unless you replicate the service page.

Unlike the service page, a landing page has a direct message and intrigues users to take some action on it. As per HubSpot, the easier you make it for visitors to focus on their primary objective, the easier it is to convert them into customers.

Did you know: Eliminating the navigation bar in the header of the landing page can boost conversion rates?

Over to you – prepare your mindset

We know this much information is still not enough for you to prepare your mindset to design a landing page. But, here you go – frequently asked questions about landing page design, it’s do’s and don’ts, and other parameters. This will for sure clear your mind from all foggy ambiguities and provide you with a crystal clear understanding about landing page.

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Q. What is the difference between the service page and landing page?

Landing pages have ONLY one goal: convert traffic, and hence they are simplified with no distractions. Whereas home pages and service pages wear a lot of hats; and hence they have many redirects and other related information too.

Q. What is the preferred ideal length when marketers design a landing page?

Landing pages need not be SEO-friendly. There is no minimum and maximum word cap or length restrictions for marketers to design a landing page.

Q. How many call-to-actions do I need to optimize my landing page?

Quality matters over quantity. Do not divert your users’ mindset, stick to the message, follow branding guidelines and make them look more prominent. Use contrasting colors and visible text format.

Q. How many copies of landing pages are required for A/B testing?

There is no hard and fast rule, ideally, TWO copies are preferred for A/B testing. But again it depends upon what all elements you want to test. The thing is you should have an effective plan of testing. Among all components that require A/b testing you should only test one element at a time.

Q. From where can I redirect users to my landing page?

Search optimized ad campaigns is the most typical way to arrive on a landing page. But, there are other options too like emails, social media, etc.

Q. Do I need an expert to design a landing page for my marketing campaigns?

Designing a landing page is not rocket science that you cannot learn or find it impossible to do. But, yes, it requires skills, experience and a handsome amount of analytical knowledge. So, if you are not groomed enough in landing page conversions, it is advisable to consult a landing page designer from digital marketing agency to get your job done.

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