Its an era of smart technology which also includes smart content and smart traffic

Do you know an AI-powered smart content tool can deliver the smart message (best-optimized content) to each visitor that boosts your landing page conversions, even if your traffic is a little low? Read more on smart content and smart traffic!

Martin N. Gregersen

6 December, 2019

We live in an era of smartphones, smart TVs and smart cities. The footprints of Artifical Intelligence and Internet-of-Things are rapidly touching our lives. Then why should we not leverage this smart technology to boost our landing page conversions? Enough has been said about the elements of a landing page, A/B testing, and optimization techniques to boost conversions. But, what if the traffic you are getting is not the right one? How to evaluate that the content you are pouring to your website visitors is perfect to convert your browsers into buyers?

How can you bring the visitor to the page s/he should visit on your website? Well, these complex challenges can be made less severe with AI-powered smart content and smart traffic.

The buzz about AI-powered smart content and smart traffic to lift landing page conversions

You create websites to boost your sales. But are your websites selling in front of your visitors? Just creating regular blog posts and newsletters will not help you get subscribers and leads. Having a lot many catchy CTAs at the end of each fold will not make any random visitor fill the inquiry form. All you need is to get hold of that missing nugget which boosts conversions. And, that missing nugget is matching the website visitor to the landing page most likely to convert. This can be managed well with the utilization of artificial intelligence to create smart content that attracts smart traffic. Yes, you heard it right. AI-powered smart content can drastically lift your landing page conversions up.

Analysis of attributes

AI-powered conversion tool analyzes all possible attributes of your website visitor. From which location, which device, and which referral path (if any), s/he is reached to your website. It can also analyze what language s/he speaks. Based on these attributes, the AI-powered conversion tool presents the most appropriate variant or landing page of the website to them. This tool triggers smart content based on the location, preference, etc. attributes of the respective visitor. This being a smart technology does not need human intervention, it optimizes content and landing page views automatically.

The display of smart content can be based on the following attributes for website visitors:

  • Source of traffic
  • Country
  • Type of Device

Again, if they are your customers or subscribes, you can have smart content based on:

  • Lifecycle stage (it depends upon buyer persona and user behavior)
  • Subscribers list (if the user has subscribed to particular list only, it shows related landing pages)

Create smart content that attracts smart traffic to lift up landing page conversions

Considers buyer personas

Often, businesses fail to recognize the target audience and do not rely on buyer personas. There are even more chances of following incorrect or irrelevant buyer personas. Imagine you are a regular visitor to any technology website. And, it has a single, static website that serves the same content to all your users. Slowly and gradually you will lose interest and one fine day completely stop visiting that particular website.Instead, imagine, the same website every day comes up with some novelty. In this case, you will keep visiting the website on and off. And your frequent visits to that particular website will one day make you take some action on it, regardless of your requirement. The same logic works everywhere.

But keeping your website content fresh and keeping your visitors glued to it is again a challenge. And, this challenge can be handled by AI-powered tool. Based on the quality and frequency of users, it can display different variants of content on their screen. In case, you are running an eCommerce business and a particular product has been viewed several times by a user. Here, on his next visit, an AI-powered smart content tool will display that product in the first position among all other products to gain the immediate attention of the user.

Not only this, the smart content tool displays different currencies, prices, and shipping policies based on where your users are located. Sounds good, right?

Provides a unique experience to first-time visitors

You must be confused about how this AI-powered smart traffic tool can treat first-time web visitors. The fact is it can provide a personalized and unique experience to first-time visitors too. For example, a person is visiting the Australian website from Germany. The tool can show CTA button content in the German language. The smart content can be generated based on device type, location, and source of traffic.

Another way, if your first-time visitor is on the third fold of your Home page, the smart tool can show customized CTA in that fold which makes the user take any action you may want him to take.

Machine learning algorithms can efficiently test and optimize the life of your organic as well as paid campaigns. Machine learning allows smart marketers to uncover predictive knowledge with the help of artificial intelligence. It helps you to engage with hot prospects at multiple touchpoints along the sales funnel by showcasing smart content.

Over to you – Embrace smart content that attracts smart traffic and boost conversions

Creating a landing page that guarantees conversion is not a science, rather it is an art. The page which is optimized for one cannot be optimized for each and every website visitor. If you are still relying on traditional tactics of A/B testing of your landing page elements, you are delaying your conversions. It is the right time to adopt artificial intelligence. Embrace smart content. Make the most use of the AI-powered tool to attract smart website traffic. Remember, not quantity, but, the quality of website traffic help landing page conversions. So, identify your top-performing content, CTA, and traffic sources that enhances your organic and paid campaigns with the help of artificial intelligence.

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