Did you know the success of your Ad largely depends upon the design of landing page?

A landing page helps in fulfilling a specific marketing goal. Also, it is designed keeping a particular set of audience in mind. For more information, read here!

Martin N. Gregersen

21 February, 2019

An indispensable part of an inbound marketer’s lead gathering strategy, landing pages provide accurate information to the website visitors and encourage them to take action. A landing page is a web page that a visitor enters after responding to an online ad or a similar marketing campaign. Designed for achieving a specific marketing goal; a landing page fulfils the needs of a particular audience.

Whether you are looking forward to strengthening your brand image or boosting paid search campaigns, well-designed landing pages can help you achieve your goal.

Well-crafted landing pages are the best tools for capturing the leads and enhancing your overall effectiveness. If you have been using different types of marketing strategies to attract visitors to your website, you should also build captivating landing pages to convert them into leads.

Your focus shouldn’t be limited to increasing traffic to your website; you should think beyond that if you want to get a good return on investment. For enhancing the benefits of your marketing efforts, you have to focus on converting the visitors into leads by using high-converting landing pages.

Your focus shouldn’t be limited to increasing traffic to your website, you should think beyond that if you want to get a good return on investment.

You should create more landing pages to get better results.

According to a report, “Companies with 10 to 15 landing pages increase leads by 55%.” The same report says that “Companies with 40 or more landing pages get 12X more leads than those with five or less.”

A fast loading landing page increases your conversion rate, whereas a page that loads slowly decrease it. If your landing page takes more than 4 seconds to load, your visitors will most likely leave it. Therefore, it’s vital for you to create landing pages that can load quickly on any device.

Reasons You Need Landing Pages

Building Customer Trust

Landing pages provide precise information to visitors, which not only help them make an informed decision but also enhances their trust in your business. When you offer the kind of information your visitors are looking for, you end up winning their heart. Once you manage to build customer trust, you end up getting loyal customers, which play a vital role in your growth and development.

Improving Brand Image

A goal-oriented landing page gives valuable information to visitors about your product or services, which creates a very positive image of your brand. Strengthening the brand image is necessary for attracting new customers and retaining the existing ones.

Boosting Paid Ad Campaigns

If you want to enhance the effectiveness of your ad campaigns, you must design high-converting landing pages for them. A landing page that contains a good headline, clear and concise content, attractive images, and the perfect call-to-action will improve the effectiveness of your ad campaign like anything.

Generating Leads

Using well-design landing pages help in generating more leads. Sometimes inbound marketers work extremely hard to draw traffic to their website, but they fail to invest in quality landing pages, which makes it difficult for them to convert their organic traffic into leads. Therefore, if you haven’t been giving importance to landing pages, perhaps you should start doing that now.

Rather than diverting the traffic that comes from different channels such as internet searches, emails, and social media to the Homepage, you should create dedicated landing pages for them. If you divert your traffic that comes from different channels to Homepage, you won’t be able to generate more leads. So, make sure you create quality landing pages for increasing your conversion rate.

Generating Data

When a visitor lands on a landing page, and they take action such as sign up for a webinar, download a PDF, or subscribe to your blog, they end up providing sufficient information to you. Your marketing and sales team can use that information to strengthen your business and enhance sales.

Besides, landing pages also help you get a better understanding of the kind of people that are engaging with you.

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