Color psychology influences decision-making; use the right colors on your CTA buttons

The color on your CTA button influences buyers’ behavior. Develop a color-based conversion strategy with choosing the color for your CTA buttons that attract customers to click on it and proceed.

Martin N. Gregersen

30 December, 2019

As a business owner, you need ideas that can attract your website visitors and push them towards conversions. The major focus is usually on the web page design, headlines of landing page and content copy. But, the element that intrigues any website visitor to fill out an inquiry form is none other than your call to action button. So why not optimize the CTA button to churn out more success? Apart from text, the CTA button color also plays an important role in the process of website visits converting.

Color psychology behind CTA buttons

Color psychology works everywhere. It marks an impression on human minds and can have a profound effect on people. The ambiance and color of your room or office can affect your mood and productivity. As per scientific research, if your surrounding walls are red, it can quicken your heartbeat rate, boost respiration speed and can raise blood pressure. Conversely, if your surrounding walls are aqua blue or light blue, it reduces your heartbeat rate, slows down respiration and reduces blood pressure. Today, we shall focus on the facts and psychology behind the CTA button color.

Industry-specific and website-specific CTA button colors

The right color can dramatically increase your landing page conversions. Websites built for hospitals and clinics usually have a white background and blue or green CTA button colors. White is the purest color of all and it symbolizes strength, purity, and peace. Green brings a sense of trust, hope, and health. On the other hand, restaurants prefer red to stimulate hunger. It is bold and youthful and no surprise why the topmost brands like McDonald’s and Burger King use the color red in their logos.

Consider the website theme while designing your CTA button color: For actions like Download, Inquire, Buy Now, etc. red or orange color works best on your white or light-colored web-page. Whereas the brown color is perceived by many as boring and ugly and not liked by most of the customers so even if it stands out on your white web page, you should avoid it.

right color can dramatically increase your landing page conversions

Consistency with branding color and logo

If you want more conversions, you need to have an aesthetically pleasing and prominent CTA button. It only becomes prominent if you use contrasting colors. If your webpage has a light background, use dark colors for the CTA button, and vice-versa. If your button color has low-contrast with your web page background, its visibility will be poor, and not even user-friendly. Remember, only user-friendly websites are SEO-friendly. So, the game here is to make the CTA so visible that even if a visitor quickly scrolls the web page, s/he will notice it. Studies have shown that a minimal amount of tweaking of the shade can result in a drastic boost in conversions.

Using a yellow-colored CTA button on a website with a black background will do no good but hurt your website visitors’ eyes. It is difficult to read for anyone. If the text is illegible, the conversion rate will suffer.

And in this mix and match of the CTA button color and web page background, you should not lose focus off your brand and colors used in your logo. Your CTA color should be in line with the colors used in your brand logo. Color is one of the important elements of branding and digital marketing because it is where your customers’ and visitors’ first emotional imprints are made.

No one is better than Coca-Cola in digital marketing based on logo design and visual branding. Together with SUPER BOWL, FIFA and IPL cricket, they ensure their marketing follows the season along with consistently following branding colors!

Regional culture and color

At times, the business location also plays a major role in determining branding colors. For example, in western culture, the black color symbolizes death, funerals, and mourning. And, white color is associated with brides and weddings. But, if you go to China, the sentiments associated with these colors are quite contrary; there white is the symbol of death and mourning and black is the personality color for youth. So when you design the CTA button color, you should also check out these soft aspects associated with human sentiments and their beliefs.

Gender-specific preferences of colors

Guilford and Smith (1959) found men were generally more tolerant toward achromatic colors than women. If you are in the business of selling products or services to a specific gender, you will design your website, landing page, and campaigns in that particular gender-specific way. Blue is the most preferred color by both men and women but certain colors are disliked by women and certain by men. However, we suggest testing and gathering your own data to check and ensure what CTA button color will work best for your target audience by performing A/B tests.

Ask yourself – Does the CTA button color really matter?

Before you choose a specific CTA button color for your website, keep the following factors in your mind.

  • Target market – if your products are for kids and toddlers, having kidzee and funky colors will be the best option for you.
  • Appropriateness – the message of your CTA button should match to an appropriate color shade. E.g. If you have TWO contrast CTA buttons in a row, use alternate colors.
  • Consistency – across your website, use a consistent CTA button color scheme.

The effectiveness of your CTA button depends upon how many people take the specific action you’d like. And, there is a clear-cut relationship between the color and psychological impact of color on human minds. So, if you haven’t paid any attention to your CTA button color yet, now is the right time to optimize your call-to-action button to make it more effective. Get ready to experience more conversions on the same landing page once you have the right color for your CTA.

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