Mobile App Development - What, When, Why and How

You are definitely lagging behind if your business does not have a mobile application as it gives the luxury to your potential customers to shop from you even on the go. Read more here for the details!

Martin N. Gregersen

16 April, 2018

In this post, I want to discuss how to make an app. Picture this – you’re hanging out at a friend’s place passing around a bowl of popcorn with a soda in another hand watching an interesting flick that you’ve wanted to catch for ages. Suddenly, an idea strikes in your mind out of the blue, what if you could send instant notifications to your pals about your activity so perhaps they could join in? Believe it or not, this simple anecdote actually describes the origins of Whatsapp.Many of us are searching for the next million or billion dollar idea and surprisingly, the real challenge building an app is not “what should be my app idea?” but “I have an app idea, now what?”…

Let code think.
Let design speak.
Focus on your strategy!

Jotting down a novel idea for an application is not the same as writing a manuscript or a play where you have to keep the reader engaged at every scene. In fact, app ideas can be driven by your needs. Before you answer the “now what?” conundrum, it’s best to create a rough plan for your vision and polish your idea.

A well-structured plan for how to make an app will address the following points:

  • The App’s Unique Selling Point / USP – What purpose does it serve? What is the ultimate solution being offered by your service? Does it facilitate communication, provide entertainment, help students manage their study hours or assists patients to keep track of medication dosage?
  • Know your Competition – Nobody likes knockoffs, right? Before finalizing an idea research extensively and make sure what the market for the service looks like.
  • Say Hello to the Customers – Consider the demographics of customers who will download your app, are they children, teens, adults, senior citizens? Are they married, single or looking for a relationship? Are they willing to pay for an app?
  • Rolling in the Ka-Ching – Define a monetization strategy. In-app purchases, ads, sponsorships, data monetization, find out how exactly you can make the app a profitable venture.
  • Paint your Vision – No, we don’t expect you to paint the Mona Lisa! But at least draw a rough sketch of how you want the app to look like and take input from colleagues and friends as potential users to fine tune the idea.

Have a plan in hand? Now what…

Answering how to make an app with a plan is easy compared to app development. The right outcome takes patience, skill and expertise, which is why it is best to leave this part to the professionals. There are a plethora of app design agencies in the market but the tricky part is to find one that is right for you. Explore the market and short list agencies that have a successful track record, you can even plan an initial meeting to figure out how the agency responds to your needs and plans to take your idea further. If you do not already have experts hired within your organisation, it is advisable to look for an agency that offers a flexible ‘one-stop’ solution, which offers consultation, strategy, user experience design, web design and app development as well as online marketing, analytics and maintenance of your digital strategy. Let code think. Let design speak. Focus on your strategy!

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