Are you also making these silly mistakes while designing landing page?

A better performing landing pages help in enhancing the conversion rate and therefore, preferred by many businesses as a part of their inbound marketing campaigns. Stay aware of the silly mistakes that can affect your bad in a bad way. Have a look!

Martin N. Gregersen

29 March, 2019

Designing high performing landing pages, which help generate leads, improve paid ad campaigns, build customer trust, enhance brand image, and gather valuable information, is an art. Your landing page designer must have that much-needed creativity, knowledge and technical expertise in creating landing pages that not only offer positive user experience but can also help you make the big bucks.

Whether you talk about well-established tech-firms or startups, today every business is relying on high-performing landing pages to boost their inbound marketing efforts especially to increase the conversion rate.

Their inbound marketing experts consider landing pages as an integral part of their inbound marketing strategy, and you should also do the same if you want to take your business to the next level.

You can use landing pages to drive the traffic that you get from different channels to your sales funnel. Designed for contributing to the success of your inbound marketing strategy; landing pages are standalone web pages that welcome visitors when they click on an online ad or react to your marketing campaign.

Designed for contributing to the success of your inbound marketing strategy; landing pages are standalone web pages that welcome visitors when they click on an online ad or react to your marketing campaign.

Well-crafted landing pages make it easier for you to achieve a specific goal. A goal-oriented landing page encourages visitors to take action by capturing their attention and giving them the information they are seeking.

But when you send your traffic to a poorly designed landing page, the visitors fail to take the action that they should.

Here are the mistakes that you need to avoid if you want to design quality landing pages to enhance your overall effectiveness.

Ineffective Headlines

You can’t afford to use ineffective headlines in your landing pages because that will kill the interest of the visitors when it comes to going through the text in your landing page. A poorly written headline will not only leave a negative impression on the mind of the visitors about your brand, but it will affect your conversion rate.

On the other hand, a captivating headline has the potential to change the way visitors think and can also convert them into leads. You should invest sufficient time in creating head-turning headlines that can capture the attention of the visitors and can encourage them to read every bit of information that you have provided on your landing page.

It will not only help them obtain the information about your offer but will also guide them to take the next action.

Visual Clutter

If you focus on achieving more than one goal from a landing page, you will end up with an awful design. You shouldn’t promote more than one offer in a single landing page, and if you do that, you will only end up creating visual clutter that will annoy your visitors. When too many URLs fight for attention in a landing page, it confuses the visitors, which makes it difficult for them to take the right action.

So, keep your landing page design simple and free from visual clutter.

Wrong Colour & Font Choice

Choosing the right colours and fonts is utterly essential for enhancing the visual appeal of your landing page. Using colours and fonts that hurt the eyes will not only leave a negative impact on the visitors, but it will reduce your conversion rates as well.

When users fail to get a relaxing experience visiting your landing page, they will tend to exit it quite fast. In today’s time when online businesses are offering seamless user experience to visitors, you should also make an effort to serve your potential and existing customers in a better way.

In short, use soothing colours and easily readable fonts in your landing pages to grab the attention of the visitors.

Irrelevant Images

Don’t ever make the mistake of using images that do not sever your purpose. For example, if you are creating a landing page to sell a unique dining table, then you must include photos that give precise information about it to the visitors. You can’t add the image of an entire dining room that also has other furniture pieces. If you do that, you will end up confusing your visitors.

You should upload an image that talks volumes about the material of the dining table, its colour and size.

Unattractive Videos

Adding videos can help you increase your conversion rate multiple times, but adding a wrong one can drop it too. The video that you add on your landing page must be able to provide sufficient information about your offer; otherwise, it will become irrelevant to the visitors.

Generic Call-to-Action

You should always avoid using generic call-to-action in your landing pages because they not only fail to evoke emotions but also fail to generate expectations. For increasing your conversion rate, you should always try to pick a catchy call-to-action phrase which can draw the attention of the users and encourage them to take action.

For example, if you are selling an online magazine, use call-to-action phrases like “Pick Your Copy,” or “Grab Your Copy Quickly,” because they can evoke an emotion in visitors, which make them believe that your product is crucial for them.

Besides, you should avoid using too much text and fake customer testimonials in your landing page.

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