How strategically designed facebook landing page can 10X your campaign conversions?

Social media beats every other channel in digital marketing and advertising. People love social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, and hence designing a landing page needs creativity to leverage this media.

Martin N. Gregersen

17 January, 2020

The most important part of any lead-generation strategy is to perfectly design landing pages and accurately craft marketing campaigns. Social media marketing campaigns are win-win situations for brands as well as the target audience. Most of the active (online) users spend more hours a day on social media platforms than on any other website or search engine. If we talk about paid marketing campaigns on a social media giant like Facebook, the entire success depends mainly upon the Facebook landing page design. Because there are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook. The Facebook landing page is nothing else but the post-click destination of your Facebook / Instagram paid advertisements.

Facebook landing page design to 10X your social media conversions

An optimized Facebook landing page is rich in value, free from distractions and a strong lead-conversion platform. Your Facebook marketing campaigns should redirect your users to the dedicated page made from them instead of a boring and static website from where they easily bounce. Rather than sending users from your ad copy to your home page or anywhere else on your website, better if they land on a relevant landing page that showcases them with an offer they can’t deny, based on their interest.

Browse through the tips on how to make an effective landing page for your Facebook advertising campaigns to 10X your conversions and augment your ROI.

Facebook advertising campaigns to 10X your conversions and augment your ROI

Pick the right type of landing page

Each campaign has its purpose, based on the purpose choose the right type of facebook landing page:

  • If your aim is to collect email IDs and build a subscriber base, go for Free Resource/Guide Download
  • If you’re looking for a creative way to generate plenty of user engagement and buzz around your brand, a contest is a great way to do so. Have a contest entry page.
  • The product page is a great way to display popular products. Get them featured in your ads with in-depth detail. Product landing pages typically ask for the ultimate conversion: a sale. These landing pages need to be tailored and expertly crafted.
  • If you want to showcase your industry experience, organize and promote your event or webinar with custom ads and direct users to your landing page with a signup form.

Focus on visual elements

Logo, color and branded visual elements must match with your existing branding theme and website. Imagine if Coca Cola runs a Facebook campaign with a soft drink in green color. Will anyone trust the ad in the first place? No, because Coca Cola branding has an impact on users’ mindsets. Anything other than red will make users think twice of its authenticity because of the brand inconsistency. Keep it super simple, less is more. Stuffing a lot of images or long texts can lead to distraction or overwhelm. So use minimal elements, only those that matter to your users, and give it a go.

Consistent with Ad copy

While maintaining consistency with your website and branding, also take due care of consistency with Ad copy. A user clicks on your ad and when landing upon your page, he should not see altogether a different message. Imagine you have clicked on the Facebook ad that invites you to a Christmas party. On clicking on the advertisement, you get redirected to the page that talks about balloons and decorative materials of a birthday party. Will you go ahead and spend money on that page? You won’t, for sure. Because you are not looking for any such options and it is not relevant for you at that point in time. Such bloopers of landing page and ad mismatch will increase bounce rates of your landing pages despite having the best content, best images. Your roadmap from advertisement to the facebook landing page should be frictionless by having the same images, same messages, same look and feel and same offers.

Pro-Tip: Make a promise in the ad and make sure to fulfil that promise when the user clicks.

Optimization at its best

Landing page designer helps to optimize your landing page for speed, for mobile devices with a sheer focus on visitor intent. Your Facebook ads are going to be displayed on the feed of not only the ones who liked your page. But, it will also display to all who are similar to your target audience. Keep things simple and free from complications. A university pamphlet with 100 courses causes undue stress compared to a pamphlet with 10 options. Your landing page should act the same way. Keep it simple.

Refer to the landing page of the most popular email marketing tool: MailChimp, it focuses on only 4 elements, a logo, headline, form field, and CTA.

Final thoughts

Have a single goal per campaign, per Facebook landing page. Don’t include anything on your landing page that doesn’t align with that goal. Avoid clutter that might distract your user. Strongly convey the benefits of your offer. Also, incorporate social proof to increase trust. Create a page that aligns with your ad as well as your users. Keep their interest intact in your offer once they click on your ad and land on your page.

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Q. Do I need a separate landing page for Instagram ads?

Not necessary, the same landing page works fine for both Instagram and facebook ads as long as you are running the same campaign on both platforms.

Q. Is it advisable to drive traffic to my facebook fan page?

Not advisable because Facebook business pages are crowded, chaotic, and don’t allow for a single call to action. Instead, drive them to high-converting landing pages.

Q. Should I use a landing page or a lead ad for Facebook and Instagram?

The purpose of both are different. Lead ads might allow you to get more leads, whereas they cannot be converted soon if their positions are higher in the funnel. Conversely, landing pages can drive more quality leads but the frequency of those leads will be lesser than that of lead ads.

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